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Civil Law Notary in Wola

We perform notarial actions concerning real property, company law, family matters and many more. We offer to our Clients convenient terms of business and an attractive location.

 The Civil Law Notary's Office is located on the border of Wola, Bemowo and Śródmieście. The proximity of major transport hubs makes it possible for us to serve the Clients from Żoliborz, Ochota, Włochy and other parts of Warsaw.

About me

My name is Łukasz Górski, and I am a civil law notary. I have dreamed of a lawyer's career already as a child, but I had to wait until the secondary school graduation before the dream could come true. Then, after my matura exam, I started my tertiary education as a lawyer at two universities at the same time.

I passed my notary exam at the first attempt, and then was appointed a civil law notary by the Minister of Justice. At first, I worked as a deputy to a civil law notary, and after some time I started my own Civil Law Notary's Office. In my service proposal, you will find numerous non-standard solutions dedicated to private persons and entrepreneurs. My focus includes real property law, inheritance law, family law and company law. I remain close to the Clients, offering them a customised, honest and open approach. I am convinced that if people speak in an incomprehensible way, they actually only speak to themselves. My ultimate goal is to protect the Client's interests and ensure a collective decision-making process..

I help my Clients to complete formalities, solve problems and much more.

Notariusz Górski

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