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Civil Law Notary in Warsaw, Ulrychów

Certification of authenticity

A number of legal actions require a signature certified at a civil law notary's office. This means that a civil law notary certifies for the authenticity of signatures in a relevant clause attached to the document produced to them.

One of the most frequent notarial actions consists is the certification of compliance of a copy or an excerpt with the original document. This is a common activity because a document certified by a civil law notary becomes legally binding and as such can be used in the same way as its original version.

We distinguish the following types of certification:

  • certification of a specimen signature;
  • certification of life;
  • certification of the document presentation date;
  • certification of compliance of a copy/excerpt/duplicate with the original document;
  • certification of signatures under documents, such as sale contracts (e.g. for vehicles) or powers of attorney.

The Civil Law Notary's Office is located in Warsaw, near a transport hub that connects Powązki, Młynów, Czyste, Nowolipki, Mirów, Odolany and Ulrychów. A civil law notary provides services at the Civil Law Notary's Office in Wola, five days a week.

Łukasz Górski kancelaria notarialna

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