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Łukasz Górski – a civil law notary in Wola

Notarial fee and more

Some legal transactions may only be performed between specific parties and require a notarial deed to be valid Costs of notarial services, especially of the majority of notarial deeds, depend on the subject of the transaction (its value and type).

Consequently, the final amount paid by the Client comprises:

  • the notarial fee + VAT;
  • the tax on inheritance and donations;
  • the tax on civil law transactions;
  • the court fee.

The amount of the above fees is regulated by the following legal acts:


Opłaty Notarialne


A notarial fee is the maximum amount that a civil law notary is allowed to charge for performing a legal transaction. The most popular notarial actions include: drawing up wills, granting powers of attorney, preparing claims for a certificate of succession, drawing up certificates of succession, preparing property sale contracts, etc. The notarial fee is always increased by VAT (currently 23%).

In order to learn about the costs of specific notarial actions, we encourage you to contact a civil law notary directly. You can submit your inquiries by e-mail, by telephone or in person. A civil law notary's office is located in Warsaw, in the district of Wola. You can find the directions and contact details in the ‘Contact’ tab.

We accept card payments (notarial fee + VAT only)

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