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Civil Law Notary – Warsaw, Wola

Łukasz Górski

Łukasz Górski is a member of the Warsaw Chamber of Civil Law Notaries. He offers professional notarial services. He is based in the district of Wola but his services are targeted at the Clients from all over Warsaw.

What does a civil law notary do?

A civil law notary is obliged to professional secrecy and must protect the interests of the Client, as well as all persons and parties for which the document produces legal effects. The protection consists in acting in accordance with the letter of the applicable laws and providing free explanations regarding the actions taken.

If one of the parties does not speak Polish, notarial actions are performed with the assistance of a sworn translator. A civil law notary always confirms the identity of the parties and keeps original documents for 10 years after their execution; later on, the notary transfers them to the archives of land and mortgage registers kept by a competent district court.


Notarial actions and deeds

Some legal actions must be documented in the form of a notarial deed, under pain of nullity. Other actions are notarised voluntarily, depending on the parties' wishes. Regardless of the reason for initiating notarial actions, a notarial deed is a special document. Its preparation consists in taking the statements of intent, reading them out to the parties and approving them by a civil law notary.

Within the framework of the Polish legal system, we offer the following notarial actions:

  • drawing up notarial deeds, including powers of attorney;
  • drawing up certificates of succession;
  • taking the minutes;
  • preparing copies, duplicates and excerpts
  • keeping money and documents in deposit;
  • preparing drafts of deeds, statements and documents;
  • submitting applications for entry in the land and mortgage register.

Our activities cover many branches of law. Our focus includes civil law, family and guardianship law, company law and inheritance law.

Inheritance law

We offer a comprehensive support related to the proving of wills and preparing certificates of succession. We assist the heirs in accepting or refusing the property of the testator. We prepare claims for a certificate of succession and wills with specific bequests. You can find the details in the ‘Inheritance law’ tab.

Company law

We draw up founding acts of companies, minutes of meetings, including those regarding divisions and mergers, we also certify for the authenticity of signatures under company sale contracts. In addition, we offer support in transforming enterprises into various types of companies.

Family and guardianship law

We draw up maintenance agreements, articles of marriage, contracts which result in property transfers between the married parties and agreements concerning the division of property following the separation or divorce.

Real property trading

We handle exchange, donation and sale contracts for real property. In addition, we provide services in the area of developer contracts, preliminary contracts, life annuity contracts and other ownership transfer contracts.

Certification of authenticity

At the Civil Law Notary's Office in Warsaw, in the district of Wola, we can certify for the authenticity of specimen signatures and for compliance of copies/duplicates of documents with their original version. In addition, we offer certification of life and certification of the document presentation date.

Other legal transactions

Other legal transactions that we deal with include the assistance in drafting power of attorney documents, notarial deeds documenting execution statements, official records from opening a website, annuity contracts and other notarial deeds that are not obligatory but still requested by the parties.

Attractive location

Our Office is located in the district of Wola. A civil law notary sees the Clients on working days. We perform notarial actions for the Clients from Wola, including but not limited to the area of Mirów, Ulrychów, Koło and Czyste. You can find the details and directions in the ‘Contact’ tab.


Notariusz Warszawa

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