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Civil Law Notary's Office: Warsaw, Ulrychów


A term “company” should be understood as a type of business activity carried out by natural persons, legal persons or unincorporated organisational units to which a law grants legal capacity. The parties' cooperation within a company is based on a specific type of contract or statute. There are two basic types of companies: personal partnerships and associations of capital.

Notarial actions for legal and natural persons and unincorporated organisational units to which a law grants legal capacity

As part of our notarial services, we provide a comprehensive support for: natural persons, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, limited partnerships on shares, housing cooperatives and limited liability companies, as well as joint stock companies.

We offer to our Clients the following notarial actions:

  • founding acts;
  • articles of association and statutes;
  • drawing up powers of attorney;
  • confirmations of authenticity of signatures under share sale agreements (for limited liability companies);
  • minutes of meetings of shareholders of limited liability companies;
  • minutes of the general meetings of shareholders of joint stock companies;
  • statements concerning the acquisition of shares or stocks;
  • corporate mergers and divisions;
  • transforming enterprises into companies.

We perform notarial actions within the limits of law and according to the parties' expectations. If you have questions about company law, please do not hesitate to contact the Civil Law Notary's Office. Our Office is located in Warsaw, in the district of Wola. Owing to a convenient access, we are able to provide notarial services to the Clients from the districts nearby, including Śródmieście, Bemowo, Żoliborz and other districts of Warsaw.

As a civil law notary office we are obliged to provide the parties, for free, with professional explanations regarding the necessary notarial actions.

Łukasz Górski czynności notarialne

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