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Civil Law Notary: Warsaw, Koło

Family and Guardianship Code

One of the areas of our activity are notarial actions related to family law.
Pursuant to the Family and Guardianship Code, a marriage creates the statutory regime of joint property between spouses, which can be extended, limited or modified by the system of separate assets (including the one providing for an equalisation payment).

In the field of family matters, we offer to you:

  • the articles of marriage, including those providing for the system of separate estates;
  • settlements;
  • contracts which result in property transfers between spouses;
  • maintenance agreements secured by an execution statement under Article 777 of the Code of Civil Procedure;
  • agreements concerning the division of joint property following the introduction of the system of separate estates, separation or divorce (especially those concerning real property).

Akt Notarialny


Family matters are primarily dealt with in notarial deeds describing property contracts between spouses. When performing notarial actions involving minors, a civil law notary acts in the best interests of a child, within the limits of law and according to the parties' wishes.

The Civil Law Notary Office is located in one of the oldest parts of the district of Wola in Warsaw, i.e. Koło, but we also provide services to numerous Clients from other districts, such as Bemowo, Ochota, Włochy, Śródmieście and Żoliborz. At every stage of business, a civil law notary provides a comprehensive support to their Clients.

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