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Inheritance law – a civil law notary's office in Wola

Civil Law Notary Łukasz Górski

The Civil Law Notary's Office is located in Warsaw, in the centre of the district of Wola (Koło, Młynów, Czyste, Nowolipki, Mirów).
We focus on comprehensive notarial actions. We offer a broad range of services related to real property, certification and inheritance law.

We offer to our Clients notarial actions concerning:

  • drawing up wills (also including specific bequests);
  • acceptance or refusal of inheritance by an heir;
  • opening and announcement of a will;
  • drawing up a claim for a certificate of succession;
  • drawing up a certificate of succession to confirm the acquisition of inheritance under a
  • statute or a will;
  • renunciation of inheritance;
  • inheritance division contracts.

Kancelaria Notarialna

When makes a will invalid?

The applicable laws define inheritance as a delivery of the estate form the testator to their heirs. All standards regarding these activities are specifically identified in the Civil Code. Under the currently applicable laws, some wills may be considered null and void. This applies to wills that have been drawn up under duress, in a state of intoxication or during a permanent or transient mental illness. Such a document can be invalidated, but it is a task requiring both time and considerable financial outlays.

If you have questions about inheritance law, please do not hesitate to contact a civil law notary. Powązki and Odolany are the main business area of the Civil Law Notary's Office, but owing to a convenient access we are also able to provide services to the Clients from Śródmieście, Bemowo, Żoliborz and other districts of Warsaw.

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