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Civil Law Notary's Office in Warsaw


Our Civil Law Notary's Office performs notarial actions with a professional and comprehensive approach to the Client needs. We provide our Clients with explanations on legal effects of the actions that they plan and identify related necessary documents. We deal with family matters, inheritance law, real property transactions and other legal activities from that cannot be clearly classified to one category. These are:

  • powers of attorney;
  • execution statements regarding the obligation to pay money or deliver the premises, e.g. for occasional lease contracts;
  • accepting money or documents to a notarial deposit;
  • statements on establishing a foundation;
  • official records from opening a website/reading a text message;
  • records of appearance or non-appearance of a party;
  • annuity contracts;
  • other notarial deeds drawn up at the request of the parties (such as settlements or car lending arrangements).


We have a qualified staff and a comfortable office on the border of Śródmieście and Wola. The Civil Law Notary's Office is located in the vicinity of a large transport hub, and so we are able to provide notarial services to numerous Clients, including those from Ochota, Bemowo, Włochy, Żoliborz, as well as the Clients from outside Warsaw.


Notariusz w Warszawie

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